Rev. Junius Dotson Shares Message with the Great Plains

Rev. Junius Dotson is the General Secretary for Discipleship Ministries, a member of the Great Plains Annual Conference, serves as the Co-Convener of national UMCNext Convening Team, and is one of the 16 who negotiated the Protocol of Reconciliation and Grace. Your can read his full statement on the Protocol that was introduced this month here. We are so grateful for his leadership. He also has a message for us right here in Kansas and Nebraska:

Great Plains UMCNext:

Your energy and passion to create a vibrant and renewed United Methodism is making an impact. I believe your work is absolutely essential to the future of our church.

We have an enormous task ahead of us.

The first order of business is to pass the Protocol.

The second is to articulate a clear and compelling vision that inspires people not just to remain but to also embrace a bold new future.

I have a vision of an inclusive, diverse UMC that celebrates the core of our Wesleyan theological tradition with its emphasis on saving grace, perfecting love, personal piety and social holiness. I dream of a refreshed emphasis on making disciples of Jesus Christ and sharing the good news of God’s liberating love for all people. I dream of a church reaching a new generation of people who are passionate about Jesus, growing in discipleship and sharing their faith with others. I dream of a church that is developing new mission partnerships and growing in its global witness.

Thank you for being on this journey!

— Rev. Junius Dotson