#ResistHarm Launches Nationally

The national movement we have been waiting for has arrived! The movements we love (UMCNext, Mainstream UMC, Reconciling Ministries Network, Uniting Methodists, MFSA, and more!) have come together to organize our resistance efforts to the harm that has been caused by the anti-LGBTQ Traditional Plan. 

The #ResistHarm website is a gold mine of prayers, education, worship resources, direct action guidance, clergy support, and action ideas. Seriously, go check it out right now.

It is exciting to see folks, just like those of us in the Great Plains, doing this work of resistance all over the connection.

There are many ways you can support this effort:

  • Like their Facebook page
  • Sign up for their emails
  • Change your profile picture to include the #ResistHarm frame
  • Participate in the Jan. 4 and/or Jan. 5 GP #ResistHarm Kickoff

Our team will continue to learn from this movement and be a part of the growing resistance! We aren’t alone and the movement for resisting harm is growing!