Advent Poem by Scott Groth

This poem is written by Scott Groth. Scott is the chair of the Serve Council (Missions and Justice) at St. Paul’s UMC in Lenexa, KS and co-organizer for the KC District Repent & Resist event. 

“When I can be strong but humble in the face of a difficult task, I can begin without fear. Humility is power. To be common but right, to be ordinary but clear is to be difficult to defeat.”  – Kim Stafford, Early Morning

They told us to wait
No fear
Sit-ins, signs, protests, debates and votes
So many votes
Soft voices, lost in the din
Loud voices, carried on the wind
’72. Atlanta
Weren’t we clear? Weren’t we right?

We waited
Portland, Indianapolis, Baltimore
We worked. We built families. We cried
We were common
St Louis, Louisville, Denver
We loved. We grew. We laughed.
We were ordinary
Cleveland, Pittsburgh, Fort Worth
Wait, No!
Wait, No
(Softer)… no
We built churches 
We built rainbows
We built bridges
We built a new kingdom inside a crumbling, decrepit vessel
Tampa, Portland (again), St Louis (again!)

Minneapolis, Minneapolis, Minneapolis
We prayed
We prayed
Merciful Lord forgive us our trespasses
Lord of Justice restore this kingdom
Loving God reclaim our hearts

Work. Build. Cry.
Love. Grow. Laugh.

We are the church betrayed
In Atlanta
We are the church resistant
In St Louis
We are the church arisen
In Minneapolis

We are the church alive
The church of justice
The church of mercy
The church of love
We were never waiting