Complaint Against Rev. Anna Blaedel “Resolved”

Complaint against Rev. Anna Blaedel “resolved.” – We lament for all the ways this injustice in Iowa has caused harm to Rev. Anna, their family, their students, queer clergy, and the connection. As Rev. Anna’s counsel, Rev. Tyler, says,

“If I have one thing to say to the people of this church, it may be simply this: perhaps the most insidious harm is not outright bigotry—that’s obvious—but when people call themselves friends, while being willing to compromise our lives for the sake of “church unity.” And what has that gotten us? The promise of unity has only exacerbated division, destroying the church, as it has destroyed the lives of LGBTQIA+ beloveds. And still, we who are queer have something to teach the church. We know something of liberation on the other side of fear and trembling. We know how to celebrate life and love and tenderness and delight. We know how to make feasts out of crumbs. We know good news in our bodies, in our relationships, and in our living and loving beyond dehumanizing policies and practices. Follow our lead. We have good news for the church and world. This is messy, complicated stuff, and it matters so desperately that we get it right. Because bodies and lives and souls are at stake.”