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“I’m Open” — Clergy Resources

Buidling Inclusive Church Toolkit
Helping Your Congregation Become a Community that Openly Welcomes People of All Sexual Orientations and Gender Identities. From Reconciling Ministries Network. This resource takes a congregation through the steps to becoming a reconciling and welcoming congregation. It also provides timelines, sample statements, and more.

Enfleshed Liturgy Library
“Enfleshed was created out of a deep longing for spiritual resources that speak in our time to the things that matter most. With a commitment to spiritual and theological depth and the centering of marginalized experiences, conversations, and communities, enfleshed seeks to provide liturgy, devotionals, curriculum, preaching, training, and pastoral care that addresses honestly, tenderly, and directly, the beauty and pain of living enfleshed lives.” Liturgy Library contains a vast array of progressive liturgy.

Our Bible App
Mission: “Our Bible App supports the belief that spirituality is a spectrum and that faith is a journey. At its core, the holy texts were written to be inclusive of all of God’s creation, especially those on the margins. Our Bible App is bringing it back to the roots, celebrating the diversity of God’s creation with devotionals highlighting the inclusiveness of the text. Whether one goes to church to find spiritual clarity or to the sanctuary of nature, Our Bible App supports the belief that we are each trying to understand our place in this grand universe. Our goal is to untangle the binds that Christian colonizers have spread across the globe over hundreds of years. Through highlighting devotionals that are pro-LGBT, pro-women, and encourage interfaith inclusivity, we hope to provide a tool that is needed to create healthy prayer and meditation habits.” A progressive alternative to YouVersion Bible App. Contains Bible translations, devotions, and more.

Faithful and Inclusive
“Faithful and Inclusive allows you to gain an understanding of how United Methodists can be both obedient to God’s Word and fully welcoming to LGBTQ persons in the church.” This is a six session small group curriculum that contains videos and discussion guides.

Urban Abbey’s QueerFaith on Campus
Urban Abbey’s FAQ, which builds the case case for being a queer-affirming Methodist faith community. Provides conversational explanations through the lens of the Quadrilateral.

Biblical Case for LGBTQ Affirmation on Reformation Project
Ten brief points making the case for LGBTQ affirmation by Matthew Vines.

“I’m Open” — Laity Resources

Beyond XX and YY
Chart showing the scientific complexities of the gender spectrum.

When Sex and Gender Collide
Article about the TransYouth Project – resource for how we develop our gender identity; includes personal stories of discovering gender identity; research by Kristina Olson, professor of developmental psychology.

Various resources here on nonbinary gender identity; first person essay on discovering nonbinary identity; in-depth guide to nonbinary identities; historical look at gender variance; resource for how to use gender-neutral pronouns; video for parents of children who are nonbinary.

Queer Theology
Tons of resources (articles, videos, podcasts) on being LGBTQ+ and Christian, how to read the Bible, sex and relationships, self care and coming out, making your church more inclusive, and activism.

Biblical Case for LGBTQ Affirmation on Reformation Project
Brief, surface, and accessible – a good “jumping off point”. 
This resource is a good place to start with people who want some bullet points on Biblical interpretation for LGBTQ+ inclusion

Brave Commons
This is a resource of sermon podcasts for engaging in Scripture with an inclusive lens and focus.

Our Bible App 
(alternative to non-affirming YouVersion) Every day use for an inclusive Bible App

Queer Grace
An online encyclopedia for LGBTQ+ and Christian Life; contains books, audio, video, online resources, personal stories, opportunities to connect to online communities and to ask questions, and a guide to finding a church

Blue Babies Pink
A 44-episode Southern coming out story through podcasts

Radical Love: An Introduction to Queer Theology by Patrick S. Cheng For individuals and small groups who are interested in theological study; may be helpful to be semi-knowledgable about various other types of theology before engaging this book

A Brief Guide to Ministry with LGBTQIA Youth by Cody J. Sanders (2017) Great resource for youth or youth group leaders and others working with youth, parents of LGBTQ+ persons; terminology

Holy Love: A Biblical Theology of Human Sexuality
From the perspective of a Wesleyan Covenant Association (WCA) member-turned affirming; helpful in ID-ing Biblical cases in an approachable and succinct way

God and the Gay Christian by Matthew Vines From the perspective of a gay cisgender male, goes into more detail than Holy Love refuting “traditional” interpretations of the 6 main Biblical verses used against LGBTQ+ persons.

“I’m Inclusive + Affirming” — Clergy Resources


Queer Grace: An Online Encyclopedia for LGBTQ and Christian Life
“Queer Grace is a growing resource-rich encyclopedia of existing and new content around LGBTQ life and the Christian faith.” Excellent collection of links to resources and content generated specifically for Queer Grace. Contributing authors are LGBTQ Christians from a variety of denominations.

Reconciling Ministries Network Toolkit for Becoming a Welcoming Congregation
Already a Reconciling Church? See especially Appendix 11: We’re Welcoming. Now What?

“For the Bible Tells Me So” Leader Discussion Guide
Study guide designed for use with movie “For the Bible Tells Me So.” Includes useful discussion guides on various ways we read the bible, engaging passages typically used to exclude LGBTQ folks, and understanding the cultural context of scripture.


GLSEN Ready, Set, Respect Toolkit
Educational resource for teaching elementary-age children about affirming and respecting people of all sexual orientations and gender identities. Includes modules on Name-Calling & Bullying, Family Diversity, and Gender Roles & Diversity;

A Brief Guide to Ministry with LGBTQIA Youth by Cody J. Sanders (2017)
A slim volume that helps affirming pastors and congregations provide skillful care to LGBTQ youth in their communities.


Enfleshed Liturgy Library
A library of queer-inclusive and liberationist worship resource: calls to worship, wedding services, scripture remixes, communion liturgies, affirmations of faith, prayers of all sorts.

LGBTQ+ Affirming Hymns
“Songs for the Holy Other aims to provide congregations working to dismantle these walls with a toolbox of hymns by and for those who identify as members of the lesbian, gay, bisexual, pansexual, transgender, nonbinary, queer, questioning, intersex, asexual, aromantic, two-spirit, and other sexual/gender minority (LGBTQIA2S+) community and their allies.” (.pdf freely available when you fill out the form on this page)

RMN Worship Resources
Resources for honoring and celebrating LGBTQ people in worship. Includes Service of Renaming, Communion Liturgy, Hymns about Social Justice, etc. To access, expand “Worship” section by clicking on the +.

“I’m Inclusive + Affirming” — Laity Resources

Queer Grace: An online encyclopedia for LGBTQ and Christian Life 
An online encyclopedia with vast online holdings including book lists, podcasts, videos, and links to online communities. Especially helpful for information-seekers and comparative learners.

Queer Theology
A curated list of resources on broad list of topics, arranged in one easy-to-read location, this website is a veritable bouquet of essays, videos, articles and podcasts. Especially helpful information-seekers.

Our Bible App
Created specifically as a progressive, pro-LGBTQ daily devotional app, to quote from their mission statement, “Through highlighting devotionals that are pro-LGBT, pro-women, and encourage interfaith inclusivity, we hope to provide a tool that is needed to create healthy prayer and meditation habits.” Especially helpful for those interested in a daily devotional and/or new and affirming experience of scripture.

A Brief Guide to Ministry with LGBTQIA Youth Published by John Knox Press, this book challenges church to go beyond a welcoming statement to truly considering how to support and include LGBTQI youth and prevent harm in the midst of good intentions. Especially helpful for youth group leaders and advocates.

Brave Commons With a Unicorn as their mascot, Brave Commons seeks to elevate the voices of LGBTQ+ students working within and beyond Christian universities in the United States. Website includes devotions and other worship elements. Especially helpful for college students and those on college campuses.

GLSEN – Resource for Meeting with Decision Makers Published by GLSEN (Gay, Lesbian & Straight Education Network), this six-page guide provides strategies and tips to help prepare for meetings with decision-makers. Especially helpful for teens and adults who seek to advocate.

GLSEN – Ready, Set, Respect Written for teachers and classroom leaders, this 68 page pdf provides multiple classroom lessons for grades K-2 and 3-5 as well as discussion for teachers around theory and practice of teaching inclusivity in the classroom. Topics are transferable to church settings and include bullying, gender roles, and family diversity. Especially helpful for elementary age teachers and advocates.